Google Chrome is a very popular and widely used web browser launched by Google. Apart from this, the web browser is also known for its user-friendly interface which can reach and is easy to understand. Apart from this, the web browser is also compatible with various web formats. Although being a wonderful service, there is the possibility that some users like Google Chrome Not Working on Windows to some technical problems. Therefore, if you too are working with this problem then do not worry; you can easily fix this problem by following some simple methods. But, before we explain a little bit about the reason why the Google Chrome does not respond to problems with the Google Chrome issue below.

Fix Google Chrome not working on windows

Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is a wonderful application, but due to some reasons, it can withstand some technical problems that affect the browsing experience of some users. So, here are some common reasons for this issue:

  • Using the old form of windows
  • Third party applications
  • Problems with firewall
  • Cached and Cookies
  • Corrupt installation of chrome

So, these are some of the common reasons behind the Google Chrome 10 answers to the windows, however, if you were able to have any questions you would like and have access to Google Support for the solution.

How to fix Google Chrome Not Working on Mac

It is said that when you update your current operating system with the new and high quality version there are likely that some apps and programs may not be compatible with the updated OS installed in your system. So, the first thing is that you need to make sure that you upgrade your Chrome according to the latest update. In addition, Google Chrome has not been asked to solve windows 10 problems using the below-methods.

If you are facing this issue due to the firewall, you can use the following steps to not just respond to Google Chrome Keeps Freezing on Android. Just follow the steps carefully and get the desired results.

This method is suitable for those who use Chrome browser through Windows Security Shield marks.

  • Before starting with the solution, you need to open the properties section of Chrome, for which you need to click on the icon to open right.
  • In addition, you need to click on the properties option.
  • After this, you need to select the option to change the settings under the compatibility head.
  • Now you need to uncheck the box present next to running this program.
  • Also, under Settings, make sure that you run the program as an admin option.
  • After that, you have to click Apply to save all the changes.
  • Besides, you need to click OK to confirm.
  • Add Chrome to your firewall exceptions list
  • After that Google chrome not working so you connect with customer service.

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